The world would have been a better place if each person would discover and do everything needed to fulfill his/her destiny. There wouldn’t be envy or jealousy since you won’t be in any competition with anyone, and nobody will feel “oppressed” by his neighbor. One big reason the world is in chaos is because we have too many people who are confused.

There are many people who do not have a clear picture of where they are going in life, so they live a life of trial and error. Eventually, when they feel they are losing too much time and efforts as a result of mistakes, they feel frustrated and confused.

It is unfortunate that this situation do not seem to be limited by age, gender, background, education, and so on. I have had opportunities to counsel several hundreds of people, majority of who are young people. I later discovered that too many people, especially, in Africa do not know where they are heading in life. With this fact, you don’t have to ask for the reason behind hopelessness which has led many into adventurous trial of the real life they ought to live.

Majority of the crimes recorded in our society is caused largely by many who have either not discovered their purpose in life or have given up focusing on the reason they were born. Naturally, we are happier when our efforts in life seem to be yielding positive results. Conversely, when we feel things are not moving the way we expect, there is a tendency that our minds would be tempted to try something else.

Some people start life beautifully with what seem to be a promising tomorrow but later turn the other way while some start in life with failures on every side but gradually and sometimes suddenly, things turn around glorious.

You will agree with me that there are several ordinary people in the world who had a great start in terms of good education, family background and opportunities but who have nothing to show for it today. On the other hand, we have people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Less Brown, Oral Roberts to mention a few, who didn’t have or couldn’t finish their college education yet, have become world renowned figures of success.

What then is life? Is there anything like destiny? What is the difference between purpose and destiny? If there is destiny, can it be altered, and by what factor? What is the God-factor over destiny or can God possibly change his mind sometimes concerning people’s lives? Are there prices to pay in order to fulfill destiny? What are the roles of discipline and mentorship in fulfilling destiny? Is there God’s time in the process of fulfilling destiny and what are the reasons behind certain delays in life?

These are questions we all have to clarify if we must fulfill our destiny. Listen to my latest radio talk show with the amazing host, Mr Ebuka (Mr Books) on VIDASTREAM RADIO Lagos Nigeria as we delved into the subject of destiny with its intricate questions.

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