We cannot continue to go to bed leaving the fire on our roofs. Neither can people like us continue to pretend as if there is no fight going on against the body of Christ. I have studied records of wars and persecutions of past heroes of faith and discovered that never in history has Christianity been confronted with such a battle as it is today.One funny but deadly trick of our adversary, as I discovered, is to make us feel as if there is no fight going on, so we can turn our weapons of war into play-sticks. They want us to keep up the bantering and the flattering while they push the battle into our territory.

Another method he uses is to turn us against ourselves which I see as the deadliest war gimmicks of all times. Christians now face fellow Christians in combat of criticism, backbiting, blackmailing, assault and insults, to mention a few. Jesus Christ, our captain, did not call us to fight each other but to wrestle “against principalities and powers…” (Eph 6:12).
Christians of today now ignore Satan and sin, the great enemies of mankind. They now entangle themselves in the battles that the Lord of glory is not in. We now have brother against brother; sister against sister; pastor against pastor; denomination against denomination, and doctrine against doctrine.

It will amaze you to know the reasons for these clashes. All the reasons are centered on pride, lust and selfishness. Others include covetousness, jealousy and envy. Imagine a denomination fighting to be named the biggest church in town. Or a pastor jealous over his colleague’s new car. Today, some people have to step down on the kind of clothes they wear to church services in order to lessen the kind of envious attacks they receive from their co-ministers and leaders. For these reasons and many more, as we shall see later on this blog, the church has lost many of her precious pilgrims. Some of them now run heter-sketer; running from one denomination to the other to seek refuge.  

Unfortunately, as the church go deeper in the vain battles, the losses we count are becoming unbearable. There are cases of broken homes, premature death and backsliding that had stemmed from this fruitless fight. They are in deed shameful to be discussed in the open, however, this things are openly talked about on our social media. Sometimes, they even exaggerate.  
Fellow soldiers of Christ, let us wake up from sleep and slumber. Let us rise to fight the only fight that is needful, the fight of faith and the fight against flesh.

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