A critical look at the present time, that is, if we would look with understanding, we will see beyond the crisis of this time into what will become of our forth-coming generation if nothing lasting is put in place. Presently, the whole world is in a state of unrest ranging from politics to finances; from education to health; international relations to business, etc. It is however unfortunate that the crisis of this time has gone far in framing a negative ideological and psycho-social mindset for the present youths thereby forming another hopeless future foundation, and sadly, we all seem to be getting adapted to the changes by and by.
I want us to reason together here; the Bible stated that children are the heritage of …. According to the scripture above, it is part of fulfillment for an aged man or woman to leave behind godly children. When time at your old age, you consider your children and you realize that you (1) didn’t labor in vain and (2) have competent children who would continue from where you stop your good works, there will be this fulfilling joy that will overwhelm your old age and your departure into glory.
A big question here is ‘how many aged parent are satisfactorily happy with their children life’s style? (Though this depends largely on whether these parents themselves are godly ones). Even if these parents are not perfectionist or melancholic in nature, do you think they have confidence in their ‘heritage’ that they will inevitably leave behind sooner or later?
A good time with elders of our time will give you a comprehensive view of where we are going in this series. Most of them express much dissatisfaction in the lifestyle of our present youth. I do not think there is any generation where the elders would complain about their youths like in our time.
Merely listening to or reading news updates, you wouldn’t need any analyst to tell you that something is fundamentally wrong with the present youths. A progressive moral decadence, lack of human feelings, greed, hostility, dishonesty, immorality, crimes, etc, characterizes the lifestyle of the present day youths.
What is really wrong here, why are some elders shedding tears for the present youths, and who is to blame for all these? Is there anything we can do or should we just take what we see today as results of irrevocable manifestation of Bible prophecies for the last days? Join me in the next series!
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