When wisdom opens your eyes, you will understand the abundant riches of God and the value He has placed on you. This is when your real life begins because the revelation of wisdom brings hope and hope is the mother of life. At this time, envy and jealousy would disappear from your life since you can now see reasons why you are special in your own way. Also, all efforts and resources are now in good hands as they are channeled towards the main goal of fulfilling the discovered purpose.

When hope is born in a man, perhaps after revelation by wisdom, he will begin to see reasons to ask God for more years to live. But what is a life without the knowledge of its purpose and of what value is extra years to live when the purpose is not known?

It is with utmost joy that I personally welcome you to this platform. I give all the glory to the Almighty God who from creation has ordained wisdom with which I am called in these last days, to deliver insight, revelation and ultimately hope to God’s people, so that they can freely fulfill the lives to which they were called.

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As Apostle Paul preached and built tents, I preach and develop websites

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  1. Glory to God…

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