The errors of this age whether they are teachings of demons or results of ignorance, marriage is not left out as part of those areas of life that have been blindly tampered with thereby rendering many hopeless and left many destines “wounded”. And of course, the aspect of marriage that affects or concerns the youths the most is that of choosing a life partner.

We are not all ignorant of the fact that people consult different “men of God” when it comes to choosing a future wife or husband from a list of suitors. On many occasions, these so-called men of God would do their jobs in seeing ahead of the proposed marriage after which the one consulting will decide, if not persuaded, to proceed or quit the relationship.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong in consulting a man of God before concluding on your choice of marital partner. However, there have been many complicated problems ensuing from prophecies these days that are blurring the future hope of many. The error is common to both sides –  those seeking counsels and the ones they consult. For instance, if in situation whereby the man of God says ‘I see death’ or ‘I see divorce’ or ‘I see lack or frustration ahead of the proposed relationship’, do these visions completely reveal the mind of God? And should these visions determine whether the wedding should hold or not? What do you think?

Here is my point, what is revealed should be clearly differentiated from whether God is saying go-ahead or not. It is like you want to join the army and you are consulting to know if you will be injured in the army or not. It is possible to be injured, even while in training but does that mean you should not join the army at all? Visions and prophecies are good and helpful at such critical times but when the wisdom of God is left out during consultation, errors will give birth to more errors. When they tell you negative occurrences and events lying ahead in a relationship, do they also hear the voice of God saying “don’t go ahead” or do they just conclude that such revelations imply that God is saying ‘NO’?

From my personal experiences and from cases I have handled in counselling ministry, many times negative revelations could mean that the proposed union will be so glorious that could cause or spark threats from the devil, so proper planning and serious prayers have to be put in place. Like I have written in one of my books,

If God says go ahead, it means He is already ahead.

Think think of it this way, are there marriages without challenges? Did all wealthy homes today start as wealthy couples? Do all separation attempts and revelations result in separations? Have there not been marriage reunions? Have all couples died of the sicknesses prophesied that were going to kill them?

Why should the revelation of future challenges mean God is saying ‘NO, don’t go ahead’. The truth is this, even if the revelations and prophecies are good and positive, you still have to pray and plan well and God’s go-ahead does not necessarily mean there will be no challenges and attacks from the enemy.



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  1. Ogundana Oluwakemi : October 26, 2018 at 9:43 am

    Thanks for this sir

  2. This is a beautiful piece that is balanced and seasoned with heavenly wisdom and experience. Truly,understanding spiritual language requires a lot of experience and maturity.
    This message is for those like Jacob who are willing to hold on to God irrespective of circumstances until they have a clear picture of His will.

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