For someone like me who was raised a devout idol worshiper, there were series of unspeakable challenges at the beginning of my new-found faith. There were conflicting ideologies and philosophies on many aspects of life, ranging from worship to marriages. Today, the light of God has shone and darkness has given way for it. The light of God has revealed the mind of God to us and we have no reason to grope in the darkness of ignorance any more.

The level of confusion between beliefs and doctrines at this time is far more than it was at my conversion.

There are quite a number of such confusing Christian beliefs that I want us to consider and let the light of God shine on them, but let us consider one of them for now.


The way I have heard this topic treated by many “people of God”, particularly marriage counselors of our time, it makes me to always want to ask, “Do people still consult God before getting married?”. Why has there been so much of, “Quit that relationship before…”

Here is my point, how can you claim to have God’s go-ahead over a relationship and decide to quit when any challenge or even call it complicated, show up?

Years ago, I bought a book on marriage, which I had to hide so it does not get to babes in Christ. The author focused more on quitting a relationship once you notice certain abnormalities. Today, more books and teachings are everywhere, telling signs you must see to quit a relationship.

Then, I ask, “How many times will you be ready to seek God’s face over your choices before you finally get married?” when they tell you ‘quit’ when you see this… and when you see that…, do you think God is saying the same? Or maybe I should ask, “Do you still claim it was God that led you in the first place? How is it now a mistake?”

If you claim it was God who led you to him or her, and now, you just revealed he/she is a pretender or womanizer, who do you think spoke to you to go-ahead in the first place? How sure are you that you actually heard from God?

And if it was God who led you, now that you notice what you think you cannot cope with in the future, have you gone to talk to that God in prayers? Has He told you to quit or your inexperienced friends told you to do so?

If God actually had told you to marry someone and you later realized shocking things, you are to prayerfully confront the situation and if nothing changed, go back to God and let Him correct the situation or He would tell you to quit and wait for minster or mistress.

But I must state here again that God giving you someone does not mean there won’t be nothing to fix in that person. From experiences, when the other person refuses to accept change or correction, God may change the plan. This will lead us to another topic found in one of my sermons, WHEN GOD CHANGES HIS MIND.

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