BBK (Big Brother Kel) is the nick name of radio/TV broadcaster, MC, actor and motivational speaker, Kelvin Ugwu. He is also the assistant to the pastor-in-charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, True Vine Parish, Angwangede in Abuja.

In our interview with him, while talking about his new release, he stated how God will be using him in this generation which actually brought about the song, ‘SO AMAZING”. He said, “the song, SO AMAZING was inspired by the Holy Ghost while on a personal spiritual retreat at “ALONE WITH GOD” prayer ground, Kwali, Abuja last year and it was masterfully produced by Bard Bishop”. BBK concluded by saying that, “SO AMAZING is all about the work of God’s grace in our lives and I pray that as you listen to it, the amazing grace of God will locate and relocate you. I love you with the love of Christ”.

This single hit was released at about 00:00 on 1st January, 2019.

Our senior pastor, GT Adejumo met BBK mysteriously which then led to their holy and unbreakable bond over the years. Kelvin Ugwu is a multi-talented individual who has worked extensively in the secular world, he was an award-winning Nollywood star and is now working earnestly to populate the kingdom of God. He has been on both sides of life and he can boldly say which pays most. It pays off to be on the Lord’s side!




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