Àdìtú (Mystery)

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Oluwatoyin Adepoju is an inspirational worshipper, a gospel artist whose songs are purely inspired by the Holy Spirit and rooted in the Word of God.

He is a multi-talented graduate of Public Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University, a career professional, singer, writer, actor, trainer and a lyricist.

He started his music career almost 2 decades ago with two of his friends and ran a 3-man group, just doing their thing around for fun which started from a Church, United Missionary Church of Africa (U.M.C.A.) Ikorodu, Lagos, until the Lord made the play a reality and carved a name for the group still out of the play… SAMBA 4 CHRIST.

Samba became a household name and was known basically around the locality, somewhere in Lagos Road, Ikorodu, and some few places outside Lagos. Samba was just Samba without a meaning then until the Lord again appeared and gave a meaning to the name. Samba then became an acronym for Sacred Ambassadors and then, a proper band was formed.

The Sacred Ambassadors Music Ministry has ministered and performed all around Lagos and across the Country. We hope to start making waves outside the shores of the country for the Glory of God.

We grace all kinds of decent events and gatherings like Weddings, Naming, Birthdays, Child dedication, House warming, Burials, Revivals, Concerts amongst others. We have and will continue to grace such events with beautiful music and sounds that create a resonance, yet decently.

The Band has an album of 5 tracks in its archive, titled Akiikitan(Inexhaustible praise) and has currently recorded two hit singles: Mystery (Àdìtú) and Heart of Praise (Okàn Ìyìn). Mystery was dropped on Saturday 11:05:19 and had since then been the talk of the town. Many testimonies have been recorded of the track and many commendations, prayers and endorsement to say a few. All glory to God for the inspiration.

Heart of praise is a Thanksgiving track made specially for my birthday on the 5th of every May but is good for everyone who has a heart to praise his maker. You will enjoy it. It will drop on 26th May, a date we have been led to mark and celebrate one year anniversary of our monthly worship program, Banquet of worship (B.O.W.)

Anticipate the Banquet of worship concert… Anticipate Heart of praise release

Its called MYSTERY because it is difficult or even impossible to understand or explain. It is beyond the comprehension of the natural mind. It’s a puzzle, a conundrum, an enigma.

We thought about the magnificent works of our creator…

How some things were made that were made… We thought about the unbelievable scenes that happens to man, yet beyond his reasoning, comprehension or understanding.

It remains inexplicable… Only God knows it all. It’s a #Mystery… (Àdìtú).

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