But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way … Matthew 13:25

30th of December 2018 seemed like any other Sunday. Last Sunday in the year, lots to be thankful for: friends, family, life and all the good stuff. I have never driven before because I do not have a license and that fateful day, I decided that I wanted to drive home. While driving home I bashed a car as I took a wide turn. There were no injuries whatsoever except just a little scratch on the other car. The occupant of the other car decided to call the police to make a report which was unnecessary because she could have just called the insurance companies and everything would have been settled.

The police officer came to the scene, took information from I and the other driver and wrote an official accident report. A court date of January 31st 2019 was given. What a nice way to end the year and even more beautiful way to start a new one. The month of January 2019 was a tense one filled with so much uncertainty and fear of “what ifs” and “if I had known”.

As black people who obviously are internationals or immigrants in a southern state of the United States, we have been extra careful to avoid confrontations of any kind with any form of authority. I was scared and shocked and disappointed with myself.

Remember I am Nigerian with expired documents, driving without a license. This was a moment of life and death so to speak; because any further investigation into my immigration background will spell trouble legally and most likely deportation.

I spoke to Pastor Tosin about it and he said not to worry that this too will pass. He said we would do a fast and pray for God’s favor, mercy and intervention. I also met with the pastor of my home church and he told me not to worry about it. He spoke with a couple who worked with the local court house in the city and within 48 hours everything was settled. The couple took it upon themselves to get the root of the matter and see that it was all settled. They met with the city clerk and found out that I did not need to appear before a judge, as I thought that was going to be the case. All I had to do was to pay a fine. They did all of that without me having to be there: met with the city clerk, paid the fine and all.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and praise because what we were scared of happening did not even take place. And God stepped in just right in time, using the couple as His agents.

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