The Policeman’s Money I Got

The Policeman's Money I Got

One of the wisdom keys God inspired King Solomon to write to as many that will live a peaceful life is in Prov 16:7

When a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. Kjv

This scripture became clearer when I read the bible account of how God used the raven to feed Prophet Elijah in the bible (1 Kings 17:1-7). Bible scholars said that the bird by nature is stinging. Now, one would ask why will God choose a stinging bird to feed an hungry man?
Our God is the God of signs and wonders. He does things and leaves a trademark that asks “who else could have done this except the Almighty?”

Such was my experience years ago.
I had left home in Ondo state to seek admission in OAU, ife. Then, not everyone had access to the GSM. An uncle had sent someone to me that he would pick me up at a particular point along Ife-Ibadan highway at a given time in the morning.
On this morning, all I had on me was just enough to take me from OAU campus to the meeting point. I waited at this junction till I felt we must have missed each other.

Somehow I manage to find my way to Iyana Oshogbo, where a woman was selling plantain chips. I first thought, should I explain my predicament to the woman? but I felt she wouldn’t have as much to give out from.

Soon, a police officer came around from a nearby checkpoint. He spoke a few words of amusement with the people around the chips seller and he mentioned where he came from.
Oh! that sounded to me like when blind Bartimaeus heard Jesus of Nazareth was passing by because the policeman mentioned somewhere close to my hometown. I hurriedly voiced out that I was also from around the place he mentioned in Ondo state, so he ask what I was doing around and I explained my situation.
To my amazement, he quickly reached for his pocket and brought three squeezed #20 (paper note) and told me he didn’t have enough with him at the moment.

What a relief! I thought within me, if I finally didn’t see my uncle, the “squeezed” #60 should take me back to the campus and reschedule my travel home.
Again, the police officer turned and told me, “see me when you are leaving”.
When it was 3pm when it was obvious I had completely missed my uncle, I went to my “new uncle” at the checkpoint in company of his other colleagues. Thank God he had got more naira notes. He gave me another three, making #120, and said “bami kile o” (my regards to everyone at home).
I used #100 to get to Akure and #20 for a taxi home.

After this experience, I have traveled to many parts of Nigeria and never set my eyes on this police officer as I still retain his picture in my brain.

This was about 5years after I lost my Dad (a popular herbalist). A lot had been arranged for me to take over his position with several gods and Idols with so much you will read about in my subsequent posts.
As the need of me by the idols were increasing with strange experiencs, God was also using everything around to talk to me everywhere I went.

Now, it may look as if nothing clean can ever come from the Nigerian police but my encounter here was rather a message and a confirmation from the Lord of His calling upon me and His special love for me. Most of what I would later read in the bible as God’s promises were things He had shown me by experiences when He was calling me out of my father’s house.

Jesus Christ is the Lord over everything and everyone. Gold and silver belong to Him. He can decide to use even the King you consider unclean to bring his promises to pass in your life. He can use anything or anyone to prove a point, even the one you consider an enemy or unclean.

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  1. Good morning pastor. This has really blessed me so much this morning sir. God bless you Sir. More Grace and anointing in Jesus name.

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