Home training forms the basis or foundation for evey other training to come later in life. This training is best when it comes from KNOWLEDGEABLE, RESPECTABLE and GOD-FEARING parents who are expected to sow from what they have into a child.
Without a well established foundational training, a child may grow up with complex relational and behavioural attitude, thereby finding it difficult to align with subsequent developmental training needed for a fulfilled life.
Even ministers of God are not left out in the consequences of lack of home training. Difficulty in submitting to authority, rudeness or lack of respect, uncultured manners, lack of self control, laxity, greed and carelessness in ministry, to mention a few, can be traced to lack of home training.
Even with the knowledge of the Bible, a faulty foundation is a big issue since someone is needed to help teach you how to apply those words on your indiscipline or crude lifestyle.
Here is the good news, if you missed a balanced home training, you need to ask God for a mentor who is experienced and brave enough to help install in you the missing part of your foundation. This may take some time. Also, patience is needed from the mentor and submission is required from the mentee.

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