The Premarital Counseling

The Premarital Counseling

There are several marital problems today that are associated with inefficient premarital counseling. Today, in counseling ministry, I have come across many disturbing problems that ought to have been dealt with before wedding, and sadly, some of these problems even enanated from faulty premarital counseling.

From research, majority of the premarital counseling can be termed as accelerated programs. These couples are seemingly rushed into marriage, and on their wedding days, the parents and friends are advised to pull back from the newlyweds, so the church send  them forth with the ceremonial hymn, “through the love of Christ Jesus, all will be well”. Many times, all is not well, not because, satan hates marriage but because their foundation was not built to face what is ahead.

In sound premarital counseling, the minister of God is to both spiritually and psychologically detect effects of negative upbringing, deal with those effects, and add what is discovered to be missing in their preparation for a glorious home ahead.

As a pastor committed to see glorious home built by the power and wisdom of God, let’s journey together in this series of extra class to rebuild homes. Feel free to comment, ask questions be ready to share as you would surely be blessing a relationship or marriage somewhere.

Remain blessed.

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