What Do You Call A Delay?

What Do You Call A Delay?

I know how difficult it is to counsel people to be patient when they are waiting on God particularly when it involves who to marry or fruits of the womb.

Today, my testimonies are helping out much.
I spent years in at least two serious relationships that I thought God was going to lead into marriage but didn’t happen that way. Consequently, many of my friends married before me but thank God I’m married today in the will of God.

After our wedding, I have known what it means to lose pregnancies, I have known what infertility means and having to wait in faith till God knows. I have known those feelings and questions that you can only get from the faces of relatives, friends and even church members especially when you are a pastor.

Through, the grace of God, I have been there; being a pastor without a child and having to pray for people trusting God for the fruit of the womb and would soon rejoice with their testimonies. At a point, in a new church, I was conducting naming ceremony so much that we had to set up special class and programs for pregnant women.

God was certainly watching me; dancing and naming other people’s children. Soon, my baby came unexpected, about two months before the EDD, and everything came fine. Also, the baby came just few days before the lock down. A lot of testimonies accompanied the birth that I may not be able to share here.

About the date of the delivery, that was the same date I was expected to be in a program in Italy but I encountered some delays and unexplainable disappointment weeks before COVID-19 broke out in Italy.

We serve an invisible God who expects us to trust Him even though we can’t see His shadows or footprints. That we don’t see Him doesn’t mean He’s not working for us and doing things on our behalf.

What do you call a delay when God seems not to be speaking and answers to prayers are not forthcoming?

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