The Love & Submission Thing

The Love & Submission Thing

After much time in the counseling room with various couples and would-be couples, God has finally helped me with a formula to help solve a major marital crisis.

The Issue of love from the husband and submission from the wife has stirred up all kinds of debates among Christians and has left many homes broken and others dilapidated.

By the inspiration of God, my answer to many of the questions on this subject would be featured in a series of posts and teachings here and on my Facebook page (


The holy instruction requiring a husband to love his wife, and that the wife should submit to her husband (Eph 5:22-25) is a simple test from the Lord.

Now, let’s look at the test. Love can be general to both men an and women but it comes to marriage, there’s a simple arrangement summarised in the scriptures above. Here is the wisdom of God; if you want to test the quality of a man’s true love, ask him to love the “unlovables” (people who are just difficult to love) and those he think do not deserve his love. On the other hand, it is a test for a woman to expect her to yeild herself completely to a man who does not love or care for her.

God coded men in such a way that they can easily fall in love where they are much respected. Some men will even loose their guards where they perceive they are honoured the most. On the other hand, women will naturally yield themselves where she’s loved and cared for, and many have broken their marital vows just for this reason. This is natural about both of them.

Unfortunately, many who are married do not care to understand the nature of both man and woman. The devil who deeply understands this “configuration” is taking advantage on those who are ignorant. Consequently, he has crafly deviced many means to prevent a man from loving his wife, and wives from yeilding to their husbands.

Thus, to expect a husband to love his non-submitting wife would be to test the quality of his love. Likewise, to test for true submission in a woman, ask her to respect and submit completely to her unloving husband. However, we must remember this is a law of God that husband and wife must obey.

In the next series we shall look deeper into the natural make-up of man and woman in respect to marriage.

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