It is not strange to hear from marriage counsellors that “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”. Despite the truth in this common saying, I have noticed a very big issue connected to it. When you counsel singles to break or end a relationship, you need to do this with a very broad view.
Many of the reasons some may want to break up could be solvable problems that is stationed to challenge the single to be a problem-solver as he or she prepares to go into marriage.
Today, we have too many couples who were not trained to face tough times in marriage. Of course, this is one of reasons behind increase in divorce cases.
When you counsel people to break up their relationships simply because of weaknesses or problems that can be solved, you have just prepared someone to file for divorce when he or she encounters any challenge in marriage.
No matter how good you are, you are not perfect, and that means you won’t get a perfect being to marry if he or she is human. We can only be perfect in Christ Jesus when His personality has fully taken over our being.
There will be challenges in life even if you decide not to go into marriage. Some of these challenges will shape us into better persons, keep us in check, and lead us to keep seeking our God for more Grace. Others won’t go away even with much prayers but God is faithful to supply grace through our Lord Jesus Christ to live above them.
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