The Making of A Queen

The Making of A Queen

[Text: Esther 2:5-20]

No achievement or fulfilment can be accidental, even when God is involved. Every purpose of God follows a process to be achieved. The more serious the divine purpose, the more the process it takes.
Just like a man will not become a king overnight, so will a lady not just wake up to find out she’s been made a queen.

There’s a minimum level of preparation required from you for every next level promised by God.

For Esther, even though divine favour was radiant upon her, the favour didn’t exempt her from necessary process/training. Instead, the favour made the necessary training and trainers available for her at every stage of her progress. For instance, she could have gone to live with any of her aunts or other uncles but favour made her to choose and be accepted by uncle Mordecai. Thus, a progress in training is a progress in fulfillment.

Now, after passing through several schools of home training from the uncle, Esther continued to learn palace training. You will remember that Mordecai charged her not to show herself to her other relatives until it was time for that (vs 20). This has it’s own reasons, too.

It is dangerous to go about showing or posing what God has not finished in your life.

You see, by divine favour, God orchestrated the mentorship of Mordecai over the star girl, Esther.

Every successful star on the stage is linked to one star maker backstage.

You need someone who can see what you can’t see when your gift is ‘using you’.

Next is the palace training. At this time, she had successfully graduated from home training sacrificially organized by her adopted father. It was now time to enrol for the palace training to be coordinated by some selected and castrated men who were to prepare her to be fit for the king. Every palace or kingdom is established by rules. May I say,

you can’t rule without rules.

Can you see reasons many will not get to fulfill their real destinies? Many lack necessary destiny-fulfilling trainings, and someone’s roles are missing in some others.

no PROPHECY can exempt you from certain process your life must go through to be fulfilled.

A major part of the palace preparations (course) is the purification process, and the duration was one year. Why should there be purification for for virgins? Virginity is crucial but doesn’t mean perfection in itself. The completion of processes your life must go through and the mastery of the principles needed to fulfill your destiny is the real perfection. This cleansing processes can be deliverance for some and could be positive brainwashing for others.

This kind of cleansing is more than quarantine, and it goes beyond outward look. It goes into the blood to sieve off all inherited, problems, characters, spirits, habits that could corrupt the king and then the kingdom or even the agenda of God. (We shall see the making of a king in my next post)

Here’s one big truth, you can’t fully understand your nature or makeup until you get to where God is taking you to. This is the reason God arranges special people or trainers at different stages to help in the processing of His own who must fulfill destiny.

Now, you need to pray for divine favour to bring the right people at different stages of your life. Also, you need to pray to deal with pride, stiffness of heart, lackadaisical attitude that could hinder or limit your processing.


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