We Are Now Set For Divorce

We Are Now Set For Divorce

In previous times, though very primitive, life seemed to be way easier then than now. In those days, life was much simpler. There were less cases of heart attack . They physically exercised on every matter and activity. This is one reason they were stronger physically, spiritually and psychologically. One major characteristics of the people of those times is they had no alternatives, so they believed problem were to be solved.

Virtually all those who are living today are familiar with mental stress.
One major difference between the ancient times and now is the increase in knowledge and too much knowledge kills.

Now, because of the enormity and diversity of knowledge in our days, let’s focus on one aspect, which is divorce in marriage. We said life was simple and poor in previous times, the reason was because knowledge was little. One thing that marks their poverty of knowledge was the lack of alternative which is opposed to what we have in our time.

In those days, people could dig through a rock if they had go to the other side. They didn’t, in most cases, have alternatives, so they did all they could to hit their targets. Can you see why endurance or perseverance was more in those days than now? Many structures and places that we consider as wonders of the world today point to men’s endurance in the ancient times.

People of those times stayed with problems and they could die trying to solve them. They had the mentality of “problems are to be solved” which is opposite of our lifestyle today. In our times, we walk away from problems. We hate to task our brains on intellectual matters or task ourselves in taking spiritual matters to God in prayers till it disappears, no matter how long it takes.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been marital crisis. The outcomes of these crisis depends on how much the people are willing to solve the problems. In the ancient times, because their mentality couldn’t register divorce they were left with no alternative than to solve their marital problems. I repeat, they had the mentality of “problems are to be solved”. In our days, we have several options.

This our present day mentality has poisoned our tendency to strive to solve problems. Today, we consider certain problems to be ‘too-much’, and that means we should walk away from them. Somehow, this is ‘lazy mindedness’. We don’t want go to certain extent in solving problems because we think there are other options. In those days, “it was not so”.

Feminism, single parenthood, homosexualism, pornography, masturbation, adultery are more rampant in our days because of the increased in the worldly knowledge. When something poses difficulty, our brains rings, find an alternative. When it becomes “too-much” at home, the brain signals us to go a friend’s house, go to the beer parlor even if you won’t drink, go and lock yourself up in a room not talking to anybody, chat someone up on a social medium, call a womanfriend or manfriend or an opposite sex sympathiser, and so on. Sadly, this is how we are in our days. This is a weakness of this age and the reason behind many complicated marital crisis.

Today, many people go into marriage with a second thought, “incase it doesn’t work out”. They go into marriage already prepared for the alternative should anything go wrong with the marriage or the problem becomes too much. Some would even say, “if worse come to worse…” Somehow, just after wedding, some begin to build a refuge they may need someday somewhere outside their marriage, should the marriage collapse and each party has to go separate ways. What then is the meaning of marriage?

Negative worldly knowledge pollutes the mind with wrong reasons and reasoning thereby creating a different person in us. The internet has helped in increasing or widespread of knowledge; we now read or watch many stories to an extent that we become addicted to what we should keep away from our minds. Now, we are all aware one can decide to be a single parent or divorce and many that we celebrate or consider as role models are doing it, and that makes it seems generally acceptable. And once it gets to this point, it becomes a mentality, and an opposition to the will of God.

We must immerse our marriages into the will of God by daily studying His will through His words till it becomes too difficult to think outside His will for our lives no matter how widely or generally acceptable the contrary knowledge around us are.
And what is God’s will for our marriage?
“…For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” Matthew 19:5.

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  1. Thank you for this great eye opener sir. God bless you and all yours in Jesus name

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    What an awesome and insightful message Sir. More Grace Sir

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