We Are Launched.

We Are Launched.

While the dark world was preparing me to replace my father as a priest of numerous deities, the word of the Lord found me and I was converted in 2001, two years after his demise.
Again, the word of the Lord took me to where I had to sacrifice a precious part of my life to help in raising several hundreds of young students coming into OAU Ife through Predregree. And after seven years on that mission field, the word of the Lord came again to relocate me to where I would Pastor the last church for the mission (RCCG) making the third place I would Pastor after the first in 2011.

Last year God told me a phase of my ministry life is over and it’s time to launch out to a new one which shall be taken beyond boundaries and shorelines. This He has been proving with many open doors that will lead to the restoration of destinies. By the grace and power of God, we shall help men see and live their real life again through the saving grace in Christ Jesus.

Despite the divine instruction that necessitated my resignation from the mission, I did understand how important it was to patiently go through every process that should precede a peaceful handing over and exit. Very importantly, I also waited for the fatherly blessings at various levels (PIC Area, PIC Zone and PICP) of the mission God used to birth the present me.

Today, my heart rejoice over all challenges that I have had to overcome and all the tests that I was graced to pass. They have all worked together in processing the right heart that is needful for the journey that was set before me before the foundation of the world. In the twenty years journey, I saw the miracles of the dead raised, all manner of sicknessses healed and more importantly, transformation of terrible lives into glorious ones. There were times of fears, tribulations and weaknesses. Just like there were times of unusual courage, peace and strength. Through all of these, my growth in grace and wisdom of God began.

Yet now, I cannot rely upon my many untold and unspeakable prices, sacrifices, trainings and intelligence in ministry, I would rather depend more on the grace, wisdom and power of God, and the Holy Spirit for the heavenly supplies.

I would humbly request your prayers at all times henceforth, that more grace may abound much more unto me and to those whom the Lord of harvest has called to journey with us in this mission.

Through the grace of God the mandate have been launched, and God has started to fulfil His promises with great signs and wonders since we have officially and prayerfully inaugurated the mission in November last year and we will be having the Church inauguration thanksgiving soon, and you can begin to expect the invitation.

Right now, the door is open to join our mission team and let’s reach the world together with the mighty power of God. Endeavour to also visit our homepage (www.gtadejumo.org) regularly to familiarize with our events and services.

Remain blessed.

Pastor GT Adejumo
Senior Pastor,
The Hope Letters Church.

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