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Feb 2023
Mind Your Conversations

Text: James 3:13-18 Do you know people don’t know how to receive or treat you until they listen to your conversations? Conversations here doesn’t just means what you say but your dispositions. What you say or do or implied as expressed......

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Nov 2022
We Are Launched.

While the dark world was preparing me to replace my father as a priest of numerous deities, the word of the Lord found me and I was converted in 2001, two years after his demise. Again, the word of the Lord......

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Dec 2021
We Are Now Set For Divorce

In previous times, though very primitive, life seemed to be way easier then than now. In those days, life was much simpler. There were less cases of heart attack . They physically exercised on every matter and activity. This is one......

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Mar 2021
The Making of A Queen

No achievement or fulfilment can be accidental, even when God is involved. Every purpose of God follows a process to be achieved. The more serious the divine purpose, the more the process it takes. Just like a man......

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Oct 2020

It is not strange to hear from marriage counsellors that “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”. Despite the truth in this common saying, I have noticed a very big issue connected to it. When you counsel singles to......

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May 2020
The Love & Submission Thing

After much time in the counseling room with various couples and would-be couples, God has finally helped me with a formula to help solve a major marital crisis. The Issue of love from the husband and submission from the wife has......

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Apr 2020
The Other Baptism

To be baptized in the knowledge of God’s will is to live with utmost consciousness or get carried away with what we know is God’s will for our lives. Basically, this will represents His desire ensure we have a glorious future......

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Apr 2020

There are several marital problems today that are associated with inefficient premarital counseling. Today, in counseling ministry, I have come across many disturbing problems that ought to have been dealt with before wedding, and sadly, some of these problems even enanated......

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Dec 2019

Home training forms the basis or foundation for evey other training to come later in life. This training is best when it comes from KNOWLEDGEABLE, RESPECTABLE and GOD-FEARING parents who are expected to sow from what they have into a child.......

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