Dear Partner,

On behalf of my family and ministry team, I want to personally thank you for being an active and faithful partner in the ministry. By your regular prayers and giving to support us, you’re showing that my ministry has a meaningful place in your heart. We just wanted to write this to let you know that you’re in our heart, too.

Now, it is with utmost joy that I wish to officially inform you that I’m resigning as a pastor in RCCG this January as the prolonged struggle to obey God in starting a ministry has finally come to an end.

In the course of about a decade struggle, I have received a lot of instructions which are blueprints for the assignment, and have long been preparing. For instance, through God’s grace and wisdom, I have written 7 books and about 1000 destiny-changing wisdom keys which will soon be touching lives everywhere using all possible platforms.

If God is sending me on a global assignment, He will also have to support me with insightful, dedicated and loving partners like you. We need partners like you to have great impact or influence in our outreach communities.

With your support, we’re partnering with both local and international communities through the media, Radio, global outreaches, and hosting small groups on Bible study topics that help transform lives. Together, we can make a difference.

We have a lot of ministry projects ongoing, and as you may know, getting a space for worship has been a high priority on our list. A church building could help us do more community outreach and grow our congregation. We need your help in making these dreams a reality.

Right now, after my retreat, we shall start off in our sitting room where we will get equipped to move into a befitting place of worship. And for the interest of the digitalized world viewers, we wish to give the broadcast place of worship a “digital” look. Just recently, arrangement has been made to boost my Facebook page with as many posts for 20k per month through a channel that boast of over 72,000 followers. My link with Jordan FM, Lagos is also to publicize our special programmes on the Facebook page four times per month for 10k.

You can join the rest of our partners monthly to help us raise the funds for publicity and or make a one-time donation towards our facility development via this link:- and the Lord will make your feet beautiful upon the earth (Isaiah 52:7).

Also, donating monthly from now will enable us to preach the gospel more effectively, make disciples, and support others who may need help in our community. We’re answering the cry of the needy too, and it’s all thanks to partners like you.

We earnestly appreciate your ongoing support and want to let you know we’re here for you. If there’s ever anything we can do for you and your family, don’t hesitate to reach out. You are a valued partner to my ministry. And your financial support is making a huge difference.

Thank you for your all-time support. Your labour of love shall never be in vain in this world and in the world to come. Amen.


Yours in His Vineyard

Pastor GT Adejumo

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