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Weekly – 5 – 6am every Saturday 

Monthly – last 1hour of the month & first 1hour of every new month 

Years ago, while I was visiting an older sister, her first child who was sick and while I was leading the family in prayers, he suddenly fell off and wasn’t breathing anymore. After quoting and dwelling on John 1:4, I began to pray in other tongues, minutes later, he sneezed and said “I’m being redeemed” then went off. Minutes later, he finally came back and was completelly healed of a prevoius sickness.

There was another time I was led to pray in tongues for three hours. In the middle of the prayers, I saw a vision of someone who was lifeless with blood stains on the body, so I intensified the prayers, soon I saw a hand lifting that person and was restored. The next day, I learnt my elder brother’s wife was bitten by snake. And they said it took only God to restore her. Imagine how many people who have left the world because they lacked someone to stand in gap for them in the realm of the spirit.

Recently, I was led to pray in tongues for an hour at about 4am. I generated a lot of strength to pray my other prayers after, and I had series of shocking revelations later. In the morning, my wife told me of her dream where she saw that I had to travel in the night to someone’s village to recover the person’s credentials and had returned before day break. It was on this morning I heard the divine instructions that birth this weekly Congress of Tongues.
There were other supernatural encounters that I had which I will make public later, possibly in the meetings.

I saw a vision in about seven years ago about killings in our country, and I heard an instruction from the Lord which I can’t make open for now but just join me in this gathering of tongues.
In all the places where our voices do not matter in our nation, they will hear our tongues. In their dreams, and in their meetings, they will hear these tongues. While they are eating or bathing, they will hear these thunderous tongues (Psalm 19:3). And these tongues will provoke the voice of the Lord that breaks the cedar of lebanon and that drove the syrians away.

You can begin to worship God before this meeting on Saturday mornings and you can take advantage of this spiritual ascension and pray more after. You can lay hands on your sick bodies during this prayers and you can hold a prayer list, a document or anything where you need a miracle.

During this prayers, many will grow wings and fly to where their destinies have been waiting for them. Others will fly out of their prisons, You will generate power to fly to your mountain top above every long-standing delays and road blocks.

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March 18


5:00 am - 6:00 am

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