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Several great destinies have been truncated by wrong marital choices while countless others and their visions have been submerged in the sea of marital crises. Even when people escape the error in choosing who to married, there await many unforeseen and foundational crises that many marriages do not survive.

Thus, I can tell you that

it is one thing to find who to marry, it is another thing to marry right.

Now, marrying right is more than the payment of dowry and glamorous wedding ceremony. It is processing the said will of God through spiritual diagnosis, counselling and possibly deliverance by experienced ministers of God.

That said, it is understandable that the best time to address or avoid complicated marital crisis is before marriage – while they are still singles. We have heard several mistakes singles make. Now it’s time to learn about reasons many are still walking into those mistakes every SATURDAY morning.

Despite increasing marital crisis in our time, it is painful to know that certain deep matters of concern are not being treated in premarital teachings and counselling. Many who are too young in heart and who care less about deep things of life are joined to face the future on their own, and without any subsequent checks and support. Many of them even lack good home training which is another big reason behind many marital failure.

Now, how do you discover God’s original intention for your marital life? Are there other intentions that are dragging you into a relationship? Are you aware that spirit husbands and wives, curses, strange family covenant and even the wrath of God on a life or linage can all orchestrate or manipulate marital choices?

These and more are the reasons you don’t want to miss this monthly expository and prayerful programme. Why don’t you save a destiny today by inviting all your friends to register and attend. You will grow in that one hour.

You can join live by Google Meet or Mixlr or Facebook. Kindly follow my Facebook page at the bottom of the page for update.


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March 26


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm





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