A New Level of Faith

A New Level of Faith

Bible Text: Matthew 14:22-33

When God is set to take us to another level of greatness in Him, He would make arrangements to step up our faith. This is because every level of peace and prosperity has its own level of faith. The next level you’re praying for has its own level of faith for sustenance.

In our text today, we see God getting Peter ready for another level in Him. He has been working with the Lord by faith for some time, but it was on a ground level. He hasn’t walked with the Lord on the sea.
Before we look at Peter’s first experience on the water, let look at what the sea stands for.

The sea represent the world and the powers thereof. It represents the world and all the problems in it. When people tell me they dream of flood or river or sea, I tell they to pray and prepare against tribulations. Their later experiences and victories would attest to this.

How does the sea power interfare with destinies of men?
The sea of life has its own forces which includes principalities and powers, ancestral battles which are the backgrounds behind curses and covenants that have rearranged many destinies.

When you are not floating, you will remain under the influence of the sea. You can’t have a clear vision. You can’t maintain your stand. You can’t live above the evil ordinances of your father’s house that dictate a pattern of life for children born in your lineage. You’re bound by natural limits and by forces of darkness within the world. There would be a lot of things you could only wish but can’t achieve because you are forced to follow the depth and directions of the sea of life.

New level, new challenge! Every level has its own challenge of faith. One great thing about challenge over our faith is that it shows us our level. Peter possibly wouldn’t believe he still had some elements of unbelieve in him until the challenge of the next level came. The initial faith Peter possessed had taken him to a level but was limited by the fear of sudden challenges that showed up on the way. This is when Peter knew he needed another level of faith to walk with the Lord in the supernatural.

  • When the do you need a new faith?
    When you are tired of your present level.
  • When you want to experience a new level of God’s power.
  • When you encounter enemies or problems greater than you have seen before.
  • When you are seeing what you haven’t seen before.
  • When you are gradually getting used to be ordinary.

Now, how do we acquire a new faith? We need to study the word of God more than before. We need to listen to and read greater testimonies.
We need to apply our faith (take step on God’s word) on new grounds, new projects, new visions and new opportunities, whether in our careers or in ministry, in a way to accomplish what we have never done before to the glory of God.

May your faith be lifted. Remain blessed and safe!


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