What is giving?

[Text: Luke 6:38]

The law of harvest simply descibes giving as sowing. It is any act of giving honor and value.

Is giving different from thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a delibrate act of giving in a way to appreciate someone.

What can I give?

We can summarize what to give in two words; honor and value(and money is a measure of value from ancient times)

Give anything you can take for a seed since giving is sowing.

Who should I give to?

These are the people you are to give according to the Bible:

  • God and his work. He is the first to give all you have now.
  • The poor (Matt 25:37-40).
  • Those of the household of faith (Gal 6:9-10).
  • Those who minister to you in words (Rom 15:27) (Also compare Phil 4:10-19 & Act 20:18-38).


How to give

  • God reserve the right to accept or reject your giving without informing you.
  • You must give cheerfully and without grudge(2Cor 9:7).
  • You should give privately (Matt 6:1-4)
  • You should give according to the grace you are given (Luk 21:2).
  • You shouldn’t give with an alterior motive.
  • You shoud not give what you are not expecting in multiples.


Key Facts

  • Your giving reveals your level of understanding
  • Your giving attitude is a picture of your faith level.
  • How you give today can determine the quality of youre future life.
  • Whatever you have that cannot add value to someoneelse is worthless
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