In The Days of Thy Power

In The Days of Thy Power

The Restoration Power Package

Its a complete life-saving heavenly pakets of energy channeled into the earth to “Bring Back” God’s boys and girls to a default relationship with the maker. It took God himself to first channel this unquantifiable energy in the form of a man to the world.

This packets of heavenly energies is processed into “words”. Now, whoever is carrying these words” is a human channel of the divine energies (Jer 20:9) and whoever accepts the words, recieve the restoration settings.

Whoever is channeling this divine energies is a power station which is the force behind any established kingdom ( Eccl 8:4)

• As you move, you move heavenly packets of energies, and when you speak a packet of energy is released to alter the cause of nature and an agenda of the divinty is carried out.
• When you pray in the tongue of heaven, you cause a vibration of the heavenly energies you’re carrying and fire is released as a result.
• When you access the throne of the kingdom with worship, first it will be fragrance, then it turns to fire …
• Anywhere you settle, the kingdom in its essence and fulness is established.
• When you speak, authority and dominion is exercised because you carry an amount of the flow of God’s omnipotent nature to represent Him anywhere and in anything.

To be powerful:
It means you are carrying a load of heavens resources to represent God.
It means you’re carrying the right kind of heart for your assignment (1Sam 10:9, Eze 36:26)
It means your level in the School of brokeness (John 19:32-33)
It means how much of eternal voltage is flowing into your gifts and office.
It means how much you have sacrificed.
It means how much passion you have for your divine assignment.
It means you are a purified vessel.
It means how trained you are for your assignment.
It means how deep is the echo of your (Ps 24:7) voice when you speak in the supernatural.


The Price

The price is meant to build the right frame of mind in you.
This frame of mind will help contain and sustain
Power is the result of WAITING UPON THE LORD…the power and success of any man’s ministry depends upon the amount, or greatness, of God in his life. – AA Allen

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