[Text Luke 22:39-46]

In the previous series, we were able to see how the Holy Ghost can empower a man for the journey ahead in destiny. Divine strength is very essential in powering our visions and ultimately fulfilling our God-given destinies.
Today, we shall look at our Lord Jesus Christ and when He was in need of divine strength.

At a time it was obvious He had finished His assignment on earth and He could perceive His arrest was imminent, he went to a secluded area to have a talk with the father.
There are times when the load of what’s ahead can wear us out and we feel like running away from the original plan of God for our lives. This is when we need strength from above.



Jesus Christ had not been arrested when He was already feeling the weight of the cross. He could hear the voice of men from the deepest part of the earth screaming “crucify him” , He could feel the lacerations of his flesh by the whips of the Roman soldiers, He could feel the pain at his palms and feet bored by 7-9inches nails (according to a Biblical resource). Jesus could see the pain in His mother’s face. He could see what will befall Jerusalem after. Thus, the human part of Him wished to negotiate with God the father, if the “original plan” (the price and the glory) could be adjusted. Jesus Christ knew God the Father could do anything, so He humanly wished the father could go ahead with His plan of saving the world from their sins without Him suffering and bleeding to death.

Now, imagine if Jesus Christ didn’t bare our sins and griefs in his body, if He didn’t receive the stripes meant for our healing and if He didn’t become poor so we can become rich, just imagine!
After all the thoughts and the emotional trauma at the mount of Olives, Jesus consented to let God have His way. Even though His flesh was weak, He surrendered to the plan of God, and immediately, God sent one of the angels to strengthen Him and it was obvious from the way He prayed thereafter. His groaning was followed by drops of sweat as thick as blood.



Now what was the significance of the angelic ministration?
I thought since Jesus Christ had the Holy Ghost, He wouldn’t need an angel, and since He is made greater than the angels. What part of him did the angel strengthen?
I know it is tempting to say his body but I would rather say, His mind! Yes! His mind.
Since Jesus was 100% human and 100% Spirit while on earth, He possessed a human mind which can be frustrated within like any one of us.
This is because His mind will be practically involved during the trials and at the crucifixion. He must not change His mind so the prophecy can be fulfilled. How do I know this? People who have heard my stories know that I understand what pain is. Now,

whatever you cannot bear in your mind, you can not bear on your flesh

And whatever you fail to achieve in your mind cannot be achieved in real life. Thus, He was strengthened by the angel, the emotional breakdown was over in a minute and He got the strength to pray ahead of his arrest, and the strength carried Him through the period of trials and crucifixion without having to change His mind, and the scripture was fulfilled.

Now, check the disciplines who didn’t experience the same angelic ministration, how did they behave at the time of vexation? They slept off when they ought to be praying for themselves and for their master who is about to take His final test on earth. When they woke up to the arrest, how did the group leader (Peter) react? He resulted into violence, cutting off an ear of the chief priest’s servant after which he denied Christ three times despite his previous boasting (a grievous demonstration of carnality). You need to ask God for divine strength before the day of temptation. Your human strength and know-how will not be enough.



For every destiny to be fulfilled, there is a price to pay, and for every price, there is a needed strength to go through the cost.
Whether you haven’t felt any pain relating to your cost of fulfilling destiny or you are already in the middle of trials leading to your fulfillment you need strength. Are you being denied and discouraged by those who ought to encourage you? You need God to strengthen you. Are you scared of what is ahead of you, you need strength from above.


There are occasions where you may need/experience angelic visit. Angels are of varying types depending on their assignments. However, from personal experience and bible study, I have discovered occasions that can support angelic visit.
Now, people like Sarah, Jacob, Manoah and Gideon experienced angelic visit in their days, and it was when they were alone. Remember, Joseph was not with Mary when angel Gabriel brought the good news.
No matter how friendly we are, there are times we just need to be alone with God.
For more than once, I have been tapped to wake me up while dozing off in prayers at secluded locations which were obviously the work of an angel.
Another occasion is burning incense of worship. I do not mean any other smoke than the smoke of your songs of praise and worship. Zachariah was alone burning incense when the angel appeared.

There are other cases where the angels came in human form but on common occasions, they prefer to visit when you are free from all distractions.

If you are not born again, do not expect angelic visit. You need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ now. Repent of your sins and confess Him as your personal Lord and savior. Right now,

  • ask God to renew your strength where nature is failing you so that nothing stops you from paying the price needed to fulfill the purpose of God creating you, and making heaven at the end of the day.
  • pray that God will replace your weakness with His divine strength (2 Cor 12:9).
  • angels assigned to my assignment, I’m available; pay me a lasting visit today!
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