[Text: 1Kg 19:1-8]

Are you suddenly becoming tired and discouraged thinking the journey is too long in your wilderness experiences or have you been wounded too bad by your own people that you can’t stay focused and strong anymore? Are you being tempted to doubt the prophecies that had gone ahead of you? Are you becoming weary due to lack of proves and testimonies, and it’s as if God has abandoned His promises for you?
Have you been saying, “God why me?” Maybe the things and the people who used to motivate you have turned against you or abandoned you.

Let’s dine and wine together through this sermon and I can assure you that God will supply you with divine strength by the time we are done. Under the ‘Jupiter tree’ you think you are ending it will become your new starting point.

The bible mentioned two kinds of days that may come in the way of man as he journeys to fulfill destiny; the day of prosperity and the day of adversity. And this times come to different people at different times or stages of their lives.

Solomon in his wisdom also stated in Prov 25:28 that “if thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small”.

Now, what does strength here means and what is the assignment?
The strength here does not refer to physical strength but the sum of our abilities to power our visions or our God-given destinies, which is our assignment here on earth.

It is a great thing to learn how to make positive confessions about our lives but this won’t stop the day of adversity from coming, rather, it will give us beauty for ashes at the end of the day. Also, it is a must that we have faith in God for a glorious life but again, this won’t prevent the day of adversity from coming but faith in God will keep us from sinking when the wind becomes boisterous on the sea of life.

We can generate strength especially for our minds by self discipline but all the physical and psychological measures are limited since there are factors and forces beyond us as humans (see 1 Sam 2:9).
What we would always need is strength from the Lord.

At a time in Elijah’s life, after sluttering about 400 prophets of Baal. He was threatened by Jezebel and sought to end everything under a juniper tree where situations made him to feel nothing was special about him and was comparing himself to his fathers. When you are tired is not time to give up but a time for the heavens to supply strength. You don’t sell or dump your car because the petrol or gas in your tank has been used up, you simply get more!
Under the juniper tree (this tree offers insufficient shade and refuge for desert travelersGod sent an angel to feed him twice because of the journey ahead. He became so strong afterafterwards that he went in the strength of that meal for forty days and forty night. What kind of food in our present-day world can do that? May God feed you now!

A lot can change when strength comes, the eyes and other part of you become empowered to help you get to where you are called to go and do what you are called to do.
Without strength from above we won’t have the needed confidence, courage and hope that can keep us going or finish well and strong. And we will always come across what can scare or shake us.

Let’s see what Prophet Micah said when the strength came for him to discharge his assignment over Isreal: “But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin”.(Micah 3:8).

Did you notice the three things that became activated in full measure in him when God supplied the strength he needed? He mentioned power, judgment(discernment) and might. Without this three, the journey might be too stressful for us. The picture I have about this big three is like combining David, Solomon and Samson in one man.

Did you also notice Micah said the strength came by the Spirit of God?

The Spirit of God is the spirit of grace that supplies God’s own supernatural abilities and nature where nature fails us.

If the word sent through angle Gabriel could become flesh in Mary’s womb right when she heard and received the word in her heart, the same can happen to you even now as you take in this words so divine. If you can believe this word is for you and that your days of supernatural ability is here, it shall be so.
If you would believe in Jesus Christ and His words being sent to you, you can access the divine strength.
If you would believe this word is sent to you as strength suppliment for the journey ahead just like the angel brought food to Elijah, your internal weakness will be gone in a moment.

If you would confess your weakness and shortcomings, and call upon God for strength, He would give you His strength, and the weak in you will “say I am strong”.

If you would join me to believe you won’t fail or fall again, divine strength will be yours today.

Now put your faith in action by joining me to praise God in the Spirit till you can feel the strength rising from the inside of you.

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