Text: Psalms 127:3-5

Note: In every man that fails in life, someone’s role is missing.
For every destiny that is fulfilled, there’s an arrow and a shooter.
Let’s find out!

An arrow is a weapon of war. Or call it a hunting instrument. However, when there’s no target or war, there’s no neeed for arrow.
Let me inform you that there is a war you were created to win. There’s is blessing you were ordained to possess (national or intl).

Once there’s a destiny to be fulfilled over your life, you’re an arrow in the hand of God. He’s your first and heavenly shooter. He shot you into your mother’s womb. And when you’re born He has to get you an earthly shooter.

Also note that satan is here on earth. Once he notice you as an arrow of destiny, he would try to hinder you from getting into the hand of the right shooter or get you shot in the right direction.

Now, who is a shooter?
He is someone you can literarily call a manager. Someone to help prepare you for your destiny. He or she can be your parents guidian. Someone you can call your mentor. Someone you’re willing to obey and who is also ready to sacrifice anything to prepare you.

Must be connected to your creator
Must be an experienced fellow
Must be patient
Must have understanding of:

1. Your assignment
2.  His role in your destiny
3. Timing
4. Your strengths and weaknesses (limits)
5.  Your possible enemies

* What is expected from the arrow of destiny is in Isaiah 1:19
Willingness and obedience speak of humility which will birth patience that will be so much needed.

Now, the question to answer is who is your shooter?  Or who are you shooting?
Are you shooting or being shot in the right direction of destiny?

Paradventure, you don’t have parents who should train you or maybe the one you call a mentored has abused you. You can get back to your creator to give you another trainer.

Note: when you’re too big to be trained by men, God will have you over to experiences which may leave some scars on you.
* One bitter truth about experience is that it teaches you by pointing to scars.
Hence, it is safer and faster to learn from men God sent to guide you than to live a life full of mistakes, regrets and scars.

Biblical Examples:
*for Elisha, there was Elijah
*for Esther, there was modecai
*for Solomon, there was David
*for Moses, there was Jethro

As for Samson with such a great assignment, it doesn’t show that he had a good mentorship while growing up. This is obvious by his attitude towards his parental counsel when it was time to choose a wife. I’m sure you know how he ended his life and assignment.
(Judges 14:1-4) You need to pray.

As for Esther and Ruth,  they didn’t enjoy growing up with her parents but patiently accepted their shooters  (Modecai and Naomi respectively). Ruth even said to Naomi, where you die, I will die & your people shall be my people.
These ladies had received training on how to comport and position themselves when they get to their destiny facilitators.

Pastor EA Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Ben Carson, Abraham Lincoln are all products of great mentorship. And today are great mentors because they were once great mentees.

Mentors may not necessarily represent your destiny facilitators but when you miss quality training before meeting your destiny helper, you may mess up the opportunities which may never come back again.

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