Bible Text: 1 Sam 17:41-54

Who Is An Enemy?
An enemy is the opposite of a friend. Anyone or anything that contend with your faith in God is an enemy. Your enemies are those who mock or despise you. They tend to slow you down or hasten you against divine timing. Your enemies are those who makes you forget who you are in Christ. They always want you to maintain your present level in all things.

Types of Enemy
We will categorize enemies into two here; enemies within and enemies without. The former are those that relates with you on the inside.

They are the ones responsible for your internal struggles, influencing your imagination, emotions and will power. They can be fear, lust, doubt, pride, envy, anger, talkativeness, etc.
Enemies without are majorly present in people that will come your way as you make your way to the throne you have been ordained to occupy. They can be in the form of Goliath or Pharaoh or Delilah or even Saul or Jezebel.

Let me state it here that the enemy without has to be conquered within.

For example, Samson failed to conquer Delilah from within himself, an enemy within that was connected to an enemy without. It’s like a remote control and a remote sensor on an electronic. They are programmed to connect each other. Have you wondered how promiscuous people connect even if they are meeting for the first time?

Until you conquer the enemy within, victory over the enemy without is not guaranteed.

Facts About The Enemy You Must Conquer

  • For every destiny to be fulfilled, there is a fight to fight.
  • For every throne God had ordained you to occupy, there is enemy to conquer.
  • The size of the throne will tell the size of the enemy to conquer.
  • Your kind of rivalry will tell your kind of glory.
  • Your marriage could be a link to the throne or to the grave.
  • The kind of ally God brings your way will tell the kind of throne you have to contend for.

How To Conquer (Ps 16:8)
Understand the throne you have to contend for and the nature of your enemy.
You must make God your ultimate and first ally.
You must set Him before you always.

There is a throne you have been freely chosen to occupy, but there will always be an enemy to conquer whose size and nature will reveal the glory of the throne you are to contend for. That God promised you a city does not mean that you won’t have series of fight to take the city.

Oh God empower me to conquer the enemies on my way to the throne.

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