Text: 2 Peter 1:2-4

The knowledge of Pharmacy revealed to us that when we take medicines, they usually go and locate places called “target organs” of the body. These medicines are prepared to release chemicals that would  resolve the issue. For example, if you have back-pain and you take a pain reliever, it goes into your bloodstream and, then to the target organs of the body and release the chemical to resolve the issue that is causing the back- pain.

This give a little description of how grace works in us. It comes to fix us. It comes to help and bail us out. Grace is given to complete our incompleteness. I would say,

Grace is the believers’ make up.

What is grace? It is a measure of God’s own nature given freely to a man when his own natural ability (nature) is exhausted. 

What gives us struggles, incompleteness and limitations in life is what grace is given to fix, especially in believers. Let’stake a look at the three main areas that grace of God must address in our lives.


This has to do with our family backgrounds. This refers to the negative traits and patterns that we inherited from our parents and ancestors. These could be anything from your lineage that can set limits to what you can achieve in life or how far you can go with God. However Titus 2:11 gives us hope. It tells us that the  Grace of God that would give us salvation through Jesus Christ has been made free and open unto men.

There is no eternally significant thing God will do in your life without the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

When your sins are taken away by the blood of Jesus. The grace of God will extend its operation to removing the effect of a negative upbringing as a new life and destiny is set before you. The word of God would later fish out any trace of ancestral limitation in your blood.

Salvation comes with redemption packages. Hence, Grace corrects our negative backgrounds.


Many are living the kind of lives they are living now because of the negative effects of the environment they once lived in. It could also be the environment where they grew up. Some people are living the present lives they are living as a result of the economy. Grace can fix problems and challenges that are brought into our lives as a result of environments we live and when Grace comes it makes a fellow to live the life God has planned for him.

Today, many who were victims of abuse, bereaved and cheated are finding it difficult to live a normal life. A lot of people have been struggling with unforginess which the enemy is using to set limits for their lives.

Grace would catapult you and take you beyond what the devil has mapped out for you. Grace will take you to another realm beyond the reach of the enemy.


Everyone is submitted to one authority or the other. If your life is submitted to a negative authority, there would be limitations in the journey of life. Curses, negative words and evil covenants are commonly backed up by authority. These negative authorities can rearrange your life contrary to the plan of God for you. But, when grace steps in, it will organize for your deliverance and set a new life before you.

For example, if one is submitted to negative parental upbringing, mindset and attitude Grace can change all that. Grace makes what is abnormal to be normal.

Until you meet certain people in your life some ideas cannot come to you but the Grace of God can bring them near you. This is how grace works. It can migrate you from under an authority that has a negative impact on your life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who is Lird of all.

I pray that God will lavish his Grace upon your life in Jesus name.

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