You may have heard several times that God does not change. Perhaps, you have come across the scripture that says, “I am the Lord, I changeth not” or the one that says, “God is not a man that He should lie neither the son of man that He should repent”. All the scriptures and many more prove to us that God does not change like an average human does. He is not like a taxi driver that would change his route when he senses traffic ahead.
With this description of God, one might want to ask, “can God ever change His mind on something or somebody?” If something happens and God decides to change His mind, can we say He did not see ahead of that thing? Why then do we call Him Omniscience?

God is Omniscience; He knows everything before they come to be. One thing we must know clearly is that His blessings and covenant are two-sided; one is conditional and the other is unconditional.
For the purpose of this sermon, let us a take a deeper look into the conditional blessing/promise of God. If God promises you something and you decide to falter on your own side of the covenant, it is almost automatic that the whole plan will change. Take a look at our Bible text, 1 Sam 2:27-36. The same God who promised this family an everlasting heritage changed His mind when things went wrong on the side of men.
Another example form the scripture is Moses. God never had the intention of denying this meek man an entrance into the promised land after all he went through. No, it was when things went ill on the side of Moses that God’s plans changed for him (Psalms 106:30-31).

Samson is another biblical example. In God’s plans to use him deliver Israel from the terror of the Philistines, it was never included that he would die prematurely, and in the company of his enemies. It was because Samson went to wrong places, did the wrong things, slept in the wrong places, drank the wrong drinks and hung around with the wrong women. When the consequences came, he prayed the wrong prayer and everything went wrong with his life.

The Bible is full of examples of cases like those. The last one here is King Saul. God brought him from the cursed Benjamin lineage. I perceive God knew that soon, the inherited curse of his father’s house would soon drive him into errors, because the people disturbed God for a king when He was not ready to give them one.
I would also like you to know this; when you break God’s heart, His covenant with you might break but if you impress God, He may enter into a new covenant with you; such that you did not ask for.
King Hezekiah was pronounced dead by the mouth of a prophet sent by God. The king went back to God to negotiate, God sent the same prophet to change the plan and gave him another 15 years to live.

The Rechabites were a lineage who refused to compromise the instruction they received from their forefathers when they were put to test by a prophet sent by God (Jer 35 ). Their infallible performance impressed God so much that He made an unsolicited covenant with them.
Here is my fear for the present generation; if someone messes up with God’s plans today and God decides to change His plan, do you think God will inform such a person? We live in a time and a world so distracting that it is so hard for people to easily hear from God. Many of those who hear from God have bowed to the glory of this world and can easily be shut up by Satan when they are supposed to say the truth.

My question is, “Do you know if any of God’s plans for your life has been changed due to your past or present errors and God did not inform you? Do you know that if Mary, the mother of Jesus had defiled herself a day before the angel brought the WORD and the MESSAGE (Jesus Christ), God would have chosen another Virgin because the prophecy said, a virgin shall conceive… (Isa 7:14), not Mary.

However, if you have not given your life to God right now, the whole of your past errors can be “deleted” once you repent now and pray this prayers from the bottom of your heart:

Dear Lord Jesus, I have heard your word and believe you are the son if Hod who came in the flesh to die for my sins. I repent of all my past sins. Cleanse me by your blood. I accept and confess you as my Lord and personal savior. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul. Amen.

If you have prayed that prayer, you are now born again and a new package of destiny has been given to you and a new record is open concerning you.
Please, pray this prayers with me in faith:
Dear father of glory, by the reason of the precious blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for me on the cross, restore every change that has occurred in your plans for me due to my past errors or the errors of my father’s house.

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