[Text: Rom: 12:11]

We cannot walk with God without a burning spirit. The burning spirit here represents the fervent spirit mentioned in Rom 12:11.

For most cars to start and keep moving, a process called combustion must take place in the engine. The spark in the ignition will cause the fuel to burn with the air (oxygen) to produce the energy needed to power the engine.

For us to walk in the spirit, there must be a spark by the Holy Spirit on our spirit to kindle a fire that will consume us from within till it spreads to others around us.

Apostle Paul started the Bible verse above with “not slothful in business” . What did he mean by business here? He was referring to your “calling” or “assignment” here on earth. This is what your business should be and what you should get busy doing. Without a burning or fervent spirit, it is not likely that we will have enough spiritual energy to power our visions and the purpose of our existence. Also, we would not be able to serve God since “God is a Spirit and those that would worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).



These are some of the likely experiences you will notice when your fire is going out or is already quenched and ignition is down in your spirit:

1. Your sensitivity may shift from the spiritual to the physical world around you.

2. You may become more aggressive. What doesn’t move you before may now hurt you badly.

3. Talkativeness in place of prayerfulness. Since you are now more intrigued by the physical than the spiritual.

4. Loss of appetite or willingness. Not willing to read your bible or pray or preach or other things that support your spiritual growth.

5. Eating more without a true satisfaction. Feeling like there is still something more you haven’t eaten.

6. Restlessness and unexplainable tiredness. Sometimes, you just can’t sleep or get out of bed.

7. You may not dream at all or may dream and forget, and visions may become blurred.

8. Forgetfulness may set in and the brain and mind become dulled by heaviness.

9. Worship may become tedious. Sometimes, not knowing where to start. You can’t even remember songs and the throat becomes unclear and lacks energy.

10. Procrastination will set in. This will be as a result of internal weakness, forgetfulness and lack of zeal towards anything needful.

11. Laziness or slothfulness. This is a state of spiritual paralysis as you would not be able to do things you should do normally.

12. Frequent spiritual attacks. Since the fire that ought to keep the enemies at bay is out.

13. Physically, some signs of sickness may start to surface. Slight headaches, body pains,  cough and so on.

14. As a result of all these, the battles or enemies you have conquered before may start to resurface. Even your dreams will reflect this as they may become polluted.



There are things we do and the fire keeps burning the more and there are things that can quench the fire. Take firewood for example, you need to keep shedding off the ashes from the surface from time to keep it burning else, the fire goes out on it own sooner or later.

There is a spirit of heaviness that can come in to oppress a Christian once the “burning coal” is out in a Christian life and the whole place is cool enough. This spirit can be responsible for most of the symptoms above.

Other causes may include love for the world or worldliness and getting so busy with physical activities that you choke your spirit man with less spiritual exercises (Luke 8:14).


YOU NEED HELP (Prov 27:17)

Now, it must be noted that this is a state of helplessness and you need your partner in prayer or discipler to help you out just like you will need someone to help you push certain cars to help power the ignition when they are down.

This is why the Christian journey is not a solitary one and the reason satan is investing so much in disunity, lack of trust and lack of love among brethren. With this attitude, nobody would care who is dying beside him. This is one reason there are many falling heroes and ex-champions of faith in our time despite the increasing number of churches.

We must also note that staying too long in this situation can result in complete backsliding or spiritual death.



  • You must repent of backsliding since it’s obvious you left God’s presence for too long in prayers or other ways you serve Him.
  • Fasting and prayers will help to quickly shed off the weight placed on you by the spirit of heaviness.
  • Start with at least 30 minutes prayers every night particularly, midnight.
  • Engage in marathon prayers. That is, find a means to get yourself in long prayers.
  • Avoid praying in the bed or cushion. Let your prayers be such that will exercise your whole body.
  • Be regular at worship services and bible studies.
  • Determine to have personal prayer and bible study time.
  • Help someone get hot spiritually when you become hot. That will keep you hot always.



When we are not slothful in what the Lord has called us to do, and we do not relent in serving Him, then we will be able to maintain a fervent spirit.

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