Where Is My Original Glory?

Jabez a case study – 1 Chron 4:9-10
Every person created by God was created with complete glory before they are tampered with. Every man is formed with complete glory to fulfill his destiny until he is challenged to fight for fulfillment. Some even started their own battles from the womb like the case of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, and as for Jabez, the real battle began at his naming ceremony.

Did you notice the sequence of events in the life of Jabez? Did you realize that before anything in his life, he was considered “more honorable than his brethren”. This was the way he was before his naming ceremony, “most honorable in the house”.
The next event of his life was, “… and his mother called his name Jabez (sorrow) because the situation surrounding his birth was full of sorrowful experiences. The devil is a programer, imagine the whole situation was orchestrated to ascertain that Jabez got a bad name which will become a strong instrument in battling his original glory.

I do not need to tell you how bad things must have been for Jabez in terms of education, health, finances and marriage, as satan would be using the meaning of his name to fight his manifestation in life. Let me state it here that your manifestation in life is determined by the quality of the glory you carry.

The Ultimate Step Taken
One thing obvious about Jabez was that he did not get tired of life but was tired of his situation. He did not give up in life but gave it all up to God. Jabez, whether he knew God before or not, decided to cry to the God of Israel, who also happens to the God of all flesh, and who designed and programed every destiny. He called upon God with about four calculated prayer points, which revealed that he understood what he wanted. It was not a long list of prayer points. I do not mean you cannot talk to God on several matters but there are cases you just have to be specific in your request.

The Prayer Points:
1. Oh that thou wouldest bless me in deed – unlimited blessing Gen 22:17
2. Enlarge my coast – removing all limitations in all areas of life.
3. that thine hand be upon me – for life-transforming courage, strength, visions, ideas and inspirations.
4. keep away evils – keeping away evils is better than deliverance from evils.

After these prayers, it is obvious God answered him as he rose from nothing to become so great that a whole city was named after him – 1Chron 2:55. Also, Jewish writers affirm that he was a doctor in the Law. Imagine what heartfelt prayers can bring about a change in a man’s life.

Considering the four prayers of Jabez, it is obvious that he understood his problems and what he needed. Also, it is clear he was praying to the God he had a relationship with. He knew he was not created for sorrow, and that a man cannot live outside the condition of his glory at a time.

1. Do you know what you really want? Your prayer points should be by understanding.
2. Do you know God and does He know you as His child? If not, you need to repent of your past sins and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior before you proceed.

Ask the God of heaven and earth,
My heavenly father and my maker, where is my original glory?
.restore them by mercy,
.recover them for me by fire.
.redeem them by the blood of Jesus Christ.
You can now take the four prayers of Jabez, and I will be waiting for your testimonies!


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