Text: Rom 4:19-21

God lives in eternity (time without limit) while we live in times and seasons. But before our “expiring date” as humans, we would spend time waiting.

In the kingdom of God, there are two main reasons we have to wait:

  1. waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ
  2. waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise for our lives

We cannot talk of waiting without mentioning these three attributes – faith, hope and love. These three keep our hearts connected to our expectations and they help to renew our strength to wait on.

While we are waiting:

  1. we must understand our purpose of existence
  2. we must know our different destiny fights
  3. we must recognize our strengths and weaknesses
  4. we must know our enemy/opposition

The Right Way To Wait

  1. In Faith – by which you overcome fear, doubt, unbelief and opposition
  2. In Hope – makes you stay alive, evergreen and unshaken
  3. In Love – you don’t mind what the enemy tells you while waiting in love

While we are waiting for Christ’s second coming, we are to follow this scripture – Occupy in this Bible text means that we are to thrive, possess our earthly possessions, dominate and prosper before Jesus comes. It means we are to fulfill our God-given destiny to the fullest capacity (fill-to-fulfill).


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