INTRO: The kind of burden you carry will determine how easy your journey through life will be. It will also determine if you will end well. In life, we cannot do without carrying one burden or the other. However, the burdens we carry when we are in the world differ from those we carry when we are in Christ.

WHAT IS BURDEN? One word to easily describe burden is load. The load of care we carry in life is our burden. As humans, there is always something we care or crave for. If it’s not on feeding, it could be about shelter or even about the members of our family.

THE BURDEN OF THE WORLD The burden of the world is the load of care of all that we desire in the world. You can also describe the burden of the word as what is pursuing you or what you are pursuing in the world. In most cases they are what we bring upon ourselves by “lust” and “pride of life” (1 John 2:16). Sin is what give birth to the burden people carry in the world.

WHEN YOU CARRY THE BURDEN OF THE WORLD No matter how rich or strong you may be, you will always have a load of care that eats you up daily. They are burdens because you don’t always have all it takes to remove or take care of them out-rightly. That is why you need help to lift or remove a load from your head.

THE BURDEN OF THE LORD In Matt 11:28-29, Jesus told as many who are laden with the burden of sin and of the care of this world to come and freely exchange their heavy load for His light burden. Are you surprised there is burden to carry in Christ? Not like it sounds. His burden is different. It’s all about being His ambassador starting with your family and to the outermost part of the world, in caring for those he died for, which include the sinners, the sick, the oppressed and the helpless.

WHEN YOU CARRY THE BURDEN OF THE LORD (Ps 55:22) The moment you carry the burden of the Lord, your earthly burdens will be taken care of. The burden of your sins will be removed because Christ died for your sins. Your needs will be met according to Christ’s riches in glory. He will replace your wants with your needs and replace your hard labor with divine favor. Human wants are endless, and the cravings thereof is a burden on its own. The burdens of this world wearies the soul and it’s the reason many died before their time.

TO CARRY THE BURDEN OF THE LORD When you surrender your life and your worldly care to Jesus Christ, and you take upon you the passion for the perishing souls, the sick and the afflicted as your new burden, what you were pursuing in the world before will start pursuing you (John 3:16). Apostle wrote “beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches” (2 Cor 11:28).
To Carry The Burden Of The Lord Means:
1. to carry the cross of your salvation – bearing all that it would cost you to live a godly life (2 Tim 3:12).
2. to accept and fulfill your calling in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 7:20-22, 2Tim 1:9)
3. to care after those Jesus suffered and died for (Matt 28:19-20).

CONCLUSION 1 Pet 5:7 says casting ALL your care upon Him; for He cares for you. The load of care we have to carry in the world is too heavy for any natural man to carry. That is why Jesus said “come unto me …” (Matt 11:28). It is when you care for what He cares for that your cares becomes His care and your load His load.

To unladen your load of all that bother you, you need to come to Jesus Christ, repent of your sins and accept Him as you Lord and savior. Then pray the next prayer if have given your life to Him.

Lord I can’t go through life alone, I can’t carry my burdens alone, Please take my yoke and my burdens from me in exchange for your yoke which is easy and your burden which is light in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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