Wisdom For Destiny Mathematics

Wisdom For Destiny Mathematics

Psalm 90 : 12- 17,

We need wisdom to live our lives in a way to fulfill the original purpose of God for our lives.

Proverbs 13:20 tells us that he that walks with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed. I have always said that If God had said the companion of fools shall be fools themselves or foolish it would be better but to let us see the devastating impact of associating with fools God almighty said the companions of fools shall be destroyed.

This implies that if we want to be wise, we must associate and partner with the wise. Say to yourself “I will partner with the wise and I shall become wise in Jesus name.” Now, let me introduce you to the number one wise man of all times, He is Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. In the book of 1 Corinthians 3, we were meant to know that Jesus is the wisdom and righteousness of God. It is Jesus in your life that activates the wisdom of God to make you to live the very life you are meant to live.

The scripture says “teach us to number our days.” It is what you don’t know that someone teaches you. David in our text, asked God to teach us to number our days. To number means to calculate. The Psalmist was simply asking God to teach us how to calculate our lives through God’s wisdom. David wanted God to teach him what he needed to add to his life, what he needed to subtract from his life, what he needed to multiply in his life, and what he needed to divide in order not to waste any part of his destiny and to arrive perfect at the expected end.

This should also apply to us. We need to tell God to teach us how to calculate our days through his wisdom. There are things our parents or other people may not be able to teach us. There are things that even experiences cannot teach us but which only God himself can. One problem with learning from experiences of life is that it teaches with failures, setbacks, disappointments, hardships e.t.c.

Unfortunately, many people do not live long enough to apply the lessons they learnt from their experiences to their lives hence. We cannot completely depend on life to teach us.

That is why the Psalmist prayed that God should satisfy him early with this wisdom so that the rest of his days will be meaningful (Psalm 90 : 14). When God teaches you early in life, you have received a great mercy from the Lord. Some people are fortunate because they know exactly what to do early in life, while others do not know. They live by trials and error. 2 Chronicles 12: 32 tells of the children of Issachar who knew what Israel needed to in seasons.

Every moment you live in life is drawing you near to your end, that is, the clock of your life is ticking and counting to your last days. It is God’s mercy that makes God’s teaching to come to you early in life. I pray that you will receive God’s mercy today in Jesus name.

But how will God teach you if you do not fear him, respect and honour him, study the bible. How will God teach you if you are not meek and humble? One way God teaches us is that he disciplines us to be wise.

You should make up your mind to seek God so that He can teach you, and early enough. You could be worshipping God and an idea/inspiration may just come to you that should have, maybe, taken you twenty years to discover. This could help you accomplish things in days which would have ordinarily taken you twenty years.

You accomplish great accomplishments when God through his wisdom teaches you and satisfies you early in life. However, this can only happen when you walk with the Lord and you trust and obey him completely.

Remain blessed in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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