Wrestling In The Spirit – Part 1

Wrestling In The Spirit - Part 1

What wrestling means: (Gen 32: 24-28)
1. It is to take your fight beyond the natural realm where you can fight without the arms of flesh.

2.Earnestly fighting for what you want and against what you don’t want (Matthew 11:12)

3. Fighting till you win

4. Asking till you are given, seeking till you find and knocking till doors are opened to you. Matt 7:7 John 16:24

5. To contend Jude 3
6. To strive. Matt 7:21
7. To pursue. Heb 12:14

What You Must Wrestle For
1. The kingdom of God – Matt 6:33
2. Peace with all men – righteousness – Heb 12:14
3. The new-found faith (Jude 3)
4. The purpose of God
5. Recovery of losses – 1Sam 30:8

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